Alex Yun is an illustrator/artist based in Altadena, California. She was born in Seoul, Korea and spent her childhood in a place filled with country and city life. She always has appreciated the beauty of nature as a place to process so many mixed feelings of the human condition. And it is in the exploration of those feelings that reside deep in people, including herself, that brings inspiration to her art. From an early age, she has been drawing and painting based on those human emotions and in doing so, they serve as great forms of mediation for her. The work of transferring those feeling into a visual form brings her comfort.

Her foundation years were at Art Center College of Design as an Illustration major, and after graduation, she worked as a freelance illustrator and an art teacher before starting her own business, Ribbitstopit, in 2009. Ribbitstopit is a small business that specializes in kids toys, puzzles and furniture. While it’s in a temporary renovation now, she has been particularly drawn back to drawing animals, people and the stories found between them.

When she isn’t drawing or being a chauffeur for her children, she likes to hike, run, watch good movies and TV shows with her husband, enjoy good conversations with her friends and listen to Podcasts and audiobook about creepy things.